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Online catalogue

The catalogue of the Society's library is available here.

Those who are familiar with web-based databases and/or library catalogues in general will, we hope, find that most of the online catalogue's functions are familiar to them. However, if you need help, click on the link to "OPAC Help", and then on "Searching the catalogue".

Details of all the books, periodicals and pamphlets (though not slides) in the library are on the catalogue. The database allows you to search for items using a wide variety or terms including author, title, series etc.

How to begin searching

To search for items using, say, the author's name or a "keyword" from the title of the publication, simply type your term in the "All field search" box and click "Search". This will generate a list of all items including your term anywhere in the catalogue record.

Tip: When searching for specific items it is important to refine your search as much possible so as not to have to search through very long list of "matches", which might include lots of items that are of no interest to you. For example if you were looking Flinders Petrie's book Naqada and Ballas, you would be best advised to type "Naqada" or "Ballas" in the All Field search box, as the database will only find a few matches for these terms. Alternatively, type "Naqada" or "Ballas" into the "Title" field of the search page, then click the Search button.  Or type "Petrie" in the "Author" search box, and a list of Petries will appear, from which you can select WMF Petrie.

In cases where the database returns more than 50 matches, you will see that the first 50 items displayed on the first page; you can browse further matches by clicking the arrows to take you to subsequent pages.

The location of each item - its "Shelf Reference" - is shown on the results page, e.g. VC.2 STE for Mummy Cases and Inscribed Funerary Cones in the Petrie Collection by H M Stewart. The first element of the shelfmark tells you the book's classification mark (its subject matter, and also its place in the shelving scheme) and the second element is based on the author's surname, and shows exactly where in the sequence the book will be filed (books are filed alphabetically by author suffix within each class mark). 

If you click on the title of the book, you will see more details.  Its "Location" tells you whether it is in the main Ricardo Caminos memorial Library or the Old Library (housed in the Committee Room).  You can also see the book's status - "In" means it is available for borrowing, "Reference only" means that you can only consult it in the Library.

Anything in blue on the screen is clickable and will lead you to further information of one kind or another. For example, clicking on the title of a publication leads to a screen with further details on the publication, and in this new window clicking on the name of the author brings up a list of all titles written by that author.

Further information

The titles of articles are NOT listed on the catalogue. It is possible only to search for their place of publication, i.e. the periodical or journal etc. in which they appeared. So for example, if you are looking for an article by published by Barry Kemp in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, you would need to look for "Journal of Egyptian Archaeology". Once you have found the title, you will also find a list of the issues we hold for that journal.  For older issues, you will have to click on theplus sign next to "Other issues".

The pamphlet collection provides an exception to this rule. These are, in the main, offprints of articles from periodicals the Society does not regularly take; they are kept in boxes in the main library and arranged alphabetically by author. All have been entered onto the database so it is possible to search for them by author, keyword etc. as with other items.

So, when searching for individual articles it is best to search first for their place of publication e.g. the journal in which the article appeared; if you do not find the publication at this point it is worth then searching by author or keyword, as the article may be kept separately, with the pamphlets.

In addition, guides to the library, the system of classification etc. and Egyptological literature in general, are available here.

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