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EES Events

Wednesday, 4th February 2015 Sudan Trip: Discover the Glory of Nubia - Northern Sudan- Sudan- Explore Ancient Nubia

Saturday, 17th January 2015 Evening Classes: Principles of Archive and Archaeological Data Management

Sunday, 14th December 2014 Cairo Lecture: The Recent discovery at Abydos: Shrine of the king Nebhepetre Mentuhotep of the 11th Dynasty

Sunday, 7th December 2014 Cairo Lecture: Talking Trees in Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry

Saturday, 29th November 2014 Birmingham Study Day: Gods and Mortals: The function of religion in Ancient Egypt
Members:£28.00 Non-members:£33.00 Student Members:£19.00 Student Non-members:£23.00

Sunday, 16th November 2014 Cairo Lecture: Excavating in Archives

Saturday, 15th November 2014 Museum Trip: EES Visit to Oriental Museum, Durham
Members:£5.00 Non-members:£10.00

Sunday, 2nd November 2014 Cairo Lecture: Recent Discoveries at the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III in Luxor-West: Egyptian-Spanish Joint Project

Saturday, 1st November 2014 London Seminar: Thebes in the Second Intermediate Period
Members:£25.00 Non-members:£30.00 Student Members:£18.00 Student Non-members:£22.00

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 FREE London Lecture: Amarna in Copenhagen

Sunday, 19th October 2014 Cairo Lecture: Ancient Egypt in the Writings of Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed Pasha

Saturday, 18th October 2014 Cairo Evening Class: Drawing Archaeological Objects

Thursday, 16th October 2014 London Evening Class: Egypt and the Near East: A Story of War, Diplomacy, Exoticism and Trade
Members:£130.00 Non-members:£165.00 Student Members:£65.00 Student Non-members:£85.00

Saturday, 11th October 2014 Annual General Meeting 2014 and Special Lecture

Saturday, 11th October 2014 London Study Day: Dynasties in Decline: The Second Intermediate Period in Ancient Egypt
Members:£28.00 Non-members:£33.00 Student Members:£19.00 Student Non-members:£23.00

Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 London Evening: Meet the scholars

Saturday, 20th September 2014 Cairo Evening Class: An Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Pottery

Monday, 8th September 2014 London Intermediate Language Class: The musical grain, the magic fish, and the undead goose: Reading the Westcar Papyrus and other texts
Members:£130.00 Non-members:£165.00 Student Members:£65.00 Student Non-members:£85.00

Non-EES Events

Wednesday, 16th September 2015 5th International Congress for Young Egyptologists (ICYE)
Hosted by The University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Thursday, 18th September 2014 Conference: Company of Images: Modelling the ancient Egyptian imaginary world of the Middle Bronze Age
Hosted by Institute of Archaeology, University College, London

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