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Correction: Survey of Memphis IX. Kom Rabi'a: the objects from the late Middle Kingdom installations (Levels VI-VIII)

Readers of Egyptian Archaeology and the Society’s Newsletter will already have seen advance notice of the publication of Lisa Giddy’s forthcoming volume in the Survey of Memphis series. In our enthusiasm to announce the imminent appearance of this work, Dr Giddy could not be consulted about either the title or the cover illustration. The correct title of the volume is Kom Rabi’a: the objects from the late Middle Kingdom installations (Levels VI-VIII). The volume compliments the eighth volume in the Survey of Memphis series, Kom Rabia: The Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Pottery by Janine Bourriau and Carla Gallorini which has recently appeared. While the objects are overwhelmingly Middle Kingdom in character – perhaps reflecting the tenacity of the inhabitants of Memphis to maintain ‘good’ Egyptian traditions – there are a number of pieces that certainly date to the aftermath of the Middle Kingdom at Memphis.

Eagle-eyed readers may also have noticed that the image on the provisional cover was chosen in error: neither of the two objects shown date to the Middle Kingdom as per the given title, but rather to the Old Kingdom and very late Middle Kingdom/Second Intermediate Period. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused and assure readers that the errors will of course be cleared up by the time the book is published, which we hope will be during 2016.

Carl Graves scanning images from the Society's archive of Survey of Memphis photographs

As is often the case with the Society’s publications, production of Dr Giddy’s volume has led her to consult the Lucy Gura Archive at Doughty Mews and the grand digitization project has now been directed towards the photographs taken during the Survey of Memphis excavations so that a selection can be included in the volume. Digitisation, which provides a back-up copy of the collection, and also allows the Society to make the material much more widely accessible via the internet, is now one of the Society’s most important activities. Substantial parts of the collection can now be browsed online. To begin exploring please go here.

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