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EES in the news - for game fixing!

Because there's no such thing as bad publicity...

Properly speaking, it is of course the Society's Oxyrhynchus Papyri that are in the news. One of the fragments now published in the latest volume of our Graeco-Roman Memoirs (GRM 100) - a contract between two athletes to fix a wrestling match - got picked up by a number of (science) news outlets such as LiveScience, Scientific American, Discovery and Yahoo News.

Other fragments now translated deal, among other things, with the history of games and competitions, circus programmes, a spell for the chariot race, and new as well as known literary texts that would have been read or put on stage.


Publication date: 17.04.2014
Publication date: 08.04.2014
Publication date: 31.03.2014
Publication date: 26.03.2014
Publication date: 08.03.2014
Publication date: 06.03.2014
Publication date: 18.02.2014
Publication date: 09.02.2014
Publication date: 06.02.2014

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