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A new deal for the JEA

The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology is one of the flagship publications of the EES and one of the top academic journals in its field, and we’re happy to announce that from volume 103 (2017) it will have a new distribution and marketing partner: Sage Publishing.

With its global reach and thousands of clients – universities, libraries, information services – we believe that Sage can help us to make the Journal accessible to even wider audiences and ensure its future status. Sage will take on the management of the JEA’s institutional subscribers as well as its printing and mailing, which will also help to streamline our work at the EES office. Private EES members with a JEA subscription will continue to renew through the EES – in fact, on the outside things will look pretty much as before for you, though we do have a few changes and – we hope – improvements in store for you:

From volume 103 (2017), the Journal will appear twice a year – in late summer and in winter. For authors, this means a shorter way to publication; for readers, it means the JEA will be less of a door stop, appearing in two slimmer issues. But there’s more: Sage will also offer JEA-online, which will come to replace our current JSTOR deal, and unlike JSTOR the new JEA-online will cover the journal’s entire run up to the most recent volume without a rolling five-year embargo, meaning you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest publications! You can opt to receive JEA-online when you renew your membership online, for the same price as a single issue of the physical journal! 

We’re very excited to make this new partnership happen and look forward to a new, better, more accessible JEA.


Publication date: 10.01.2017
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