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EES Minufiyeh Survey return to the field at Quesna

The EES Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey, led by Dr Joanne Rowland of the Free University, Berlin, has returned to Egypt for the season. The team is continuing work at Quesna, following on from the earlier GPR (ground-penetrating radar) survey made by Dr Kris Strutt of Southampton University (see here), and focusing on the Ptolemaic-Roman cemetery. Already new burials are starting to appear, giving Dr Larry Owens, the team's physical anthropologist from Birkbeck plenty to work on! To keep abreast of the team's progress, see Jo's blog: http://minufiyeh.tumblr.com/

Removing backfill from the trench and locating features uncovered in 2011

Workers in Trench 9 with sievers in the background


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