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Amarna Reports now available for download

As the Society prepares itself to present you with more from our #Amarnafortheday object cards on Twitter and Facebook we thought it only fair to share some further resources too. The Amarna Project has recently been digitising a copy of the Amarna Report from the 1983 season. These annual reports were originally published by the Egypt Exploration Society from 1984 through to 1995, but have long since been out of print. Even our own library copy of Amarna Report I is starting to look a little dog-eared, due to years of extensive research!

Now Amarna Report I has been made available for download on both the Amarna Trust and the Egypt Exploration Society websites. Those yearning for  more small finds, pottery, flints and archaeological context from our #Amarnafortheday project then these reports will give you that extra information.

Publication date: 20.12.2013
Publication date: 19.12.2013
Publication date: 13.12.2013
Publication date: 09.12.2013
Publication date: 06.12.2013
Publication date: 25.11.2013
Publication date: 09.11.2013
Publication date: 05.11.2013
Publication date: 24.10.2013

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