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Library news

August has been a busy month in the library, despite being closed to members for two weeks.  We have been fortunate to receive two bequests recently – from the estates of Basil Stein and Nigel Hepper – and their book donations have now been catalogued and added to the collection.  We’ve also catalogued a number of items that were found during a recent stocktake.  If you click here, you can see the complete list of library acquisitions for the month.

The Library Catalogue is also back online and is once more visible in the left hand navigation menu on our website.

Between September and December, we’d like your help in gathering some statistics in library usage.

  • Please remember to sign the visitor’s book when you come to the London office to help us get a better view on reader numbers; and
  • Please don’t re-shelve books you’ve consulted in the library.  Either leave them on the tables, or put them on the shelving trolley in the downstairs annexe.  This will help us to understand more about which parts of the collection are most used.

From the beginning of September, we’ll also start moving the collection around downstairs, as we have a block of empty shelves in the middle of the library.  We hope this will not inconvenience you in any way, but if you can’t find what you need, please ask.

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