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Amelia Edwards Projects 2012-13

Autumn Fundraising Campaign Launch: Amelia Edwards Projects

The Society is delighted to announce that for this year’s fundraising campaign we are asking you to support a new round of Amelia Edwards Projects. In the last few years your support has made a great difference to the work we have been able to undertake. Thanks to your help we have been able to continue and expand our research at Quesna and in Luxor, and to initiate a new project at Tell Mutubis, and without your contributions to the Lucy Gura Archive Fund our programme to catalogue and conserve the collection could never even have started. Your donations have made a real difference. 


This year, we are looking for support for a greater number and variety of projects than ever before, reflecting the scope of our ambitions, and our aim is to invest in a variety of co-ordinated but diverse research and conservation initiatives. 

Two of our 2012-13 Amelia Edwards Projects are part of our ongoing programme to conserve our archival collection and relate to perhaps the two most famous names in Egyptian Archaeology: Flinders Petrie and Howard Carter. This work will allow us to preserve vital elements of the documentation these great pioneers left behind.

We also remain committed to maintaining their legacy by continuing to undertake cutting edge research in the field and three of the projects will enable our teams to push the boundaries of our knowledge at three important sites: Tell Mutubis, Tell Basta and the cult centre of Amun at Karnak.

Finally, for the first time, we are asking for your help to purchase new equipment for use, in the first instance, in Luxor, but by our teams throughout the country in due course.

Further details of the proposed work can be found here and you can donate to the projects through our 'Support' page. For donors who prefer not to give on-line, we now also have a form which can be downloaded here and returned to the London Office with your donation. A paper version of this form will be included in the Society's Autumn mailing.

Thank you, with your support we will be able to do some wonderful work in the coming months.

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