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The British Academy secures the future of the EES Delta Survey Project.

Since 2007 the EES Delta Survey has been an Approved Research Project of the British Academy which has given us the opportunity each year to apply for funding of up to £5,000. This has been used to continue field visits and surveys of little-known sites in the Nile Delta for inclusion in the online data-set, and has also funded two seasons of survey and limited excavation at two sites: Tell Yetwal wa Yuksur and Kom el-Daba, as well as contributing towards the costs of two Delta Survey Workshops in 2009 and 2011, held jointly with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo.

In 2011 the Academy asked the Delta Survey Director, Dr Jeffrey Spencer, to submit a proposal for a continued five years of support and funding and on 14 May 2012, Jeffrey heard that the application has been successful, giving the Delta Survey Project a more secure future.

The Society is very grateful to the Projects Committee of the British Academy for its continued support of the Delta Survey as an Approved Research Project of the Academy.

The EES Delta Survey is published online at www.deltasurvey.ees.ac.uk/ds-home.html and the team’s ‘blog’ can be read at: http://deltasurvey.tumblr.com/


Jeffrey Spencer in March 2012 making notes for the Delta Survey at the site of Kom el-Ineizi.


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