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EES Trustee Margaret Mountford completes PhD

We would like to offer our warmest congratulations to EES Trustee, Margaret Mountford, who has completed her PhD in Papyrology at University College London.

Dr Mountford has served as a Trustee to the Society since December 2010, although she is perhaps best known for her role advising young entrepreneurs on BBC One’s The Apprentice, in which she drew on her 25 years’ experience as a corporate lawyer. She has always had a fascination for the classical world, and decided to focus on that by undertaking a doctorate focusing on documentary papyri from Oxyrhynchus – coincidentally, one of the Society’s longest-running projects is the study and publication of the papyri from the site of Oxyrhynhchus! The papyri she studied date between 100 and 600 AD and range from legal agreements to circus programmes. In due course Dr Mountford's thesis will appear as a volume in the Graeco-Roman Memoirs, published by the Society.

In addition to her role at the EES, she currently serves on the board of two charities, CORDA and The Bright Ideas Trust, and the Council of the Hellenic Society, and is Chairman of Governors of an Inner London comprehensive school.

We look forward to seeing Dr Mountford’s thesis in print, and adding it to our Library!


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