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EES Articles of Association

When Dr Exell wrote to members this time last year, she indicated that the Board intended to consider whether any changes should be made to the Society’s constitution. During the subsequent review, the Trustees formed the view that a number of changes were required in order to eliminate inconsistencies, particularly in regard to the election and terms of office of Trustees and Officers, and that this would be a good opportunity to make some other changes too and to bring our Articles up-to-date by adopting a new version based largely on the current Charity Commission model form. Accordingly, item 9 of the Agenda for the AGM of the Society to be held on 10 December 2011, is a Special Resolution proposing the adoption of new Articles of Association. The proposed new Articles are available for inspection at the offices in Doughty Mews and can be downloaded here; in addition they will be available for inspection at the Meeting and any member who would like a printed version should contact the London Office. The principal differences between the existing Articles (“Current Articles”) and the proposed new Articles (“New Articles”) are described in detail in the EES mailing, now being sent to members. This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held under the provisions of the Current Articles.


Publication date: 11.11.2011
Publication date: 25.10.2011
Publication date: 24.10.2011
Publication date: 21.10.2011
Publication date: 29.09.2011
Publication date: 21.09.2011
Publication date: 21.09.2011
Publication date: 21.09.2011
Publication date: 20.09.2011

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