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Egypt's heritage amidst the protests

A statement from the EES Chair, Dr Karen Exell:

"On behalf of The Egypt Exploration Society I would like to express our concern for the situation in Egypt at the moment. As an organisation that works closely with the Supreme Council of Antiquities in the preservation of the heritage of Egypt we are watching closely as events unfold. Whilst it is distressing to hear news reports of looting and damage to museums and artefacts, we are aware that the SCA and the Egyptian people are doing their best to protect the sites and museums, and we are deeply grateful to them for such actions amidst the unrest. Above all, we wish the Egyptian people well and hope fervently that a resolution to the situation, without further injury and loss of life, can be achieved as soon as possible.

Dr Karen Exell
Chair, Egypt Exploration Society"

To express your concern for the security of the Egyptian Museum and for other museums and sites in the charge of the SCA, please see:


For updates drawing from many sources, join the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (http://www.egyptologyforum.org/) list by contacting the EEF administrator: ayma@tip.nl 


Publication date: 31.01.2011
Publication date: 31.01.2011
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Publication date: 24.01.2011
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Publication date: 23.12.2010
Publication date: 20.12.2010
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