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EA 37 published

Egyptian Archaeology 37 (Autumn 2010) has just been published and copies are now being mailed to EES Members. The layout of EA has been changed with this issue to include pages at the front of the magazine which showcase the Society’s activities, including a report on EES tours to Egypt and Sudan, a summary and photographs from BEC3, news of the appointment of our Development Director, Victoria Perry, and photographs from recent events at Doughty Mews. Appreciations of the lives of Ian Mathieson, Win Exley and Lydia Barker are also included in this new section.






The main articles are:

Joseph Hekekyan: pioneer archaeologist David Jeffreys
Dahshur North: intact Middle and New Kingdom coffins Masahiro Baba and Sakuji Yoshimura
The Christian settlement at the Amarna North Tombs Gillian Pyke
Revealing new landscape features at Tell Basta Daniela Rosenow
King Sheshonqs at Bubastis Eva Lange
The Book of the Dead John Taylor
Petrie finds revisited Tine Bagh
Tell Yetwal wa Yuksur Jeffrey Spencer
The Yale University Moalla Survey Project Colleen Manassa
Ancient Egypt in the Pitt Rivers Museum Alice Stevenson
The face of a king in the Pitt Rivers Museum Earl L Ertman

Bookshelf has reviews by Marianne Eaton-Krauss (Aidan Dodson, Amarna Sunset), Andrew Bednarski (Dieter Arnold, The Monuments of Egypt), Sylvie Weens (Elizabeth Wickett, For the Living and the Dead), Josef Wegner (Wolfram Grajetzki, Court Officials of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom) and Julie Anderson (W Y Adams, The Road from Frijoles Canyon).

‘Digging Diary’ contains brief summaries of the work of over 50 expeditions that carried out research in Egypt during 2010.

Publication date: 02.11.2010
Publication date: 27.10.2010
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Publication date: 16.09.2010

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