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Election of Trustees 2010

Following the call for prospective Trustees sent in the Spring mailing, the Board is recommending the following members for election at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 11 December 2010: Dr Colin Adams, Dr Aidan Dodson, Dr Roland Enmarch and Ms Susan Royce. A PDF with photographs and brief biographies of the nominees can be downloaded here.

Members now have an additional opportunity to put themselves forward for election in competition with the members nominated by the Board. Any member who wishes to stand for election is invited to contact the Society’s Director, Dr Patricia Spencer, (patricia.spencer@ees.ac.uk) and request an application-form and the Society’s electronic ‘information pack’ for prospective Trustees. To comply with Article 18.2 of the Society’s ‘Memorandum and Articles of Association’, completed applications must be received by 2 October 2010. All candidates will then be listed in the notice of the AGM to be mailed to members in the Autumn.


Publication date: 08.09.2010
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