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Delta Survey Updated

The online publication of the EES Delta Survey has been updated recently by Jeffrey Spencer to reflect recent activity by the Society and by other expeditions. Links to the dedicated websites of non-EES projects have been inserted, examples being Tell ed-Daba, Tell Billa (Tebilla) and Kom el-Ghuraf. The presentation of selected sites in Google EarthTM has also been improved with the addition of several more sites and a revision of the site notes in some of the placemark windows.


Routine updates to bibliographies have also been continued.

A full report on the EES work at Tell Yetwal wa Yuksur in March 2010 has been added in the update, and photographs of the Yetwal season can be seen on the Society’s Flickr page.

Two of the Society’s Delta Survey Projects sent back blogs from the field in the Spring of 2010 and these can still be read on-line. Patricia Spencer’s blog from Tell Yetwal wa Yuksur is here and Dr Joanne Rowland’s blog from Quesna can be read here.

Photographs from the Quesna work are also on the Society's Flickr page.

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