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JEA 101 is out

It took us a while this year, but for everybody who's been awaiting the latest volume of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology we have good news: Number 101 is now out.

It ties in neatly with our upcoming summer conference, Current British Archaeology in Egypt, early in July (tickets are still available) as three of the Journal's contributors will also present papers at the event: Anders Bettum gives an update on the Amarna Coffins Project, Anna Garnett on pottery from the Amarna Stone Village, so we've made the entire field report from Amarna, directed as always by Barry Kemp, available online for you. Also at the conference will be Angus Graham, director of the Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey (from which we've taken the image above), but you can already read up on the last season here.

On 400 pages, though, the new JEA again packs a lot of research beyond work done or funded by the EES: from settlement archaeology at Karanis to the iconography of the god Amun, from epigraphic studies on the nomarch Ameny (recently added to by the discovery of the tomb of Sattjeni in Elephantine) to philological work and material studies. If that piques your interest, check out the contents of the volume.

JEA 101 can now be ordered from our shop, but you can of course also add a subscription to your membership and get a hefty discount on the individual sales price.


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