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Survey of Memphis VIII hot off the press

We announced it in late February, now it has arrived and is available from our web-shop: Janine Bourriau and Carla Gallorini’s Survey of Memphis VIII. Kom Rabia: The Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Pottery. It continues our Survey of Memphis series with a study of ceramic changes in the stratified settlement at Kom Rabia during the Late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period. The pottery is presented by sectors, following Lisa Giddy’s Survey of Memphis VI some years back, applying quantitative analysis to plot ceramic changes through time. Individual chapters address findings such as vessels with marks incised before and after firing; so-called ‘fish dishes’; and non-Egyptian pottery from Nubia, the Aegean and Cyprus, and Middle Bronze Age Levant.

Apart from Middle Kingdom pottery, there’s quite a bit more in the publications pipeline: Geoffrey Martin’s long-awaited revised and expanded edition of Tutankhamun’s Regent, after some delays, is now at proofing stage; Jeffrey Spencer’s volume on the Delta Survey for the years 2009 to 2015 is in active preparation, as is Lisa Giddy’s next volume, Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Objects, also part of the Survey of Memphis – you’ll find both advertised already in Egyptian Archaeology no. 48 (see a sneak preview here), which is currently in press and will shortly be with you, together with our spring Newsletter. After the lull of winter, the EES publications programme is definitely blossoming again!

Publication date: 08.03.2016
Publication date: 07.03.2016
Publication date: 14.01.2016
Publication date: 08.12.2015
Publication date: 27.11.2015
Publication date: 24.11.2015
Publication date: 23.11.2015
Publication date: 01.11.2015
Publication date: 08.10.2015

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