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Reasons to join/renew

Thank you to all of your members who have already renewed their subscriptions for 2015-16, you are already directly helping us to continue our mission to explore Egypt’s cultural heritage. There are many reasons why you might choose to become a member of the Egypt Exploration Society and here are five of them:


1. Protect Egypt’s heritage
Precious archaeological sites continue to be lost or damaged as the land becomes more and more valuable, environmental pressures increase, and looting continues. Unfortunately the rate of destruction is constantly increasing and our teams are working harder than ever to recover ancient material and information before it is lost entirely. By joining you will be helping to protect Egypt’s heritage for future generations to explore.


2. Keep up-to-date with Egyptological research
Through Egyptian Archaeology and The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology the Society publishes the latest information in Egyptology throughout the world. Full EES members receive two copies of Egyptian Archaeology a year. You can also add on JEA for a small additional fee, and take advantage of discounts on all our publications.


3. Maintain a permanent record of the past
The Lucy Gura Archive contains documentation from over a century of exploration and excavation in Egypt making it one of the most important Egyptological archives worldwide and is regularly consulted by researchers. Donations from members are crucial to the preservation and survival of these irreplaceable records and to increasing access to them.


4. Access a leading Egyptological library
With over 20,000 publications the Ricardo Caminos Memorial Library is one of the leading Egyptological libraries in the UK. The library is open Monday-Friday 10:30-16:30, and members are welcome to use our research facilities and borrow up to three books at a time. Access our online catalogue here.


5. Meet the experts
Our events put you into direct contact with the world’s leading specialists as they present their current research. Members benefit from reduced ticket prices for these events and are regularly invited for free lectures given at our London Office.


For more information about the benefits of joining the Society and what your support will help us achieve please speak to our team at the London office: contact@ees.ac.uk or 0207 242 1880


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