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EGM Announced

Following this year’s Current British Archaeology in Egypt event on 22nd July, the Society will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting. Notice of this meeting will shortly reach members by mail, but can also be read here where a proxy voting form can also be downloaded.
An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Egypt Exploration Society will be held in The Institute of Child Health, University College London, 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1EH on Saturday 22 July, 2017 at 4:45pm for the purpose of considering and if thought fit passing the following resolution as a Special Resolution



That the Articles of Association of the Company be amended by adding at the end of Article 37 (7) the words “subject to Article 37 A below.” and by adding a new Article 37A as follows:

“37A The Trustees may resolve, in relation to any particular Trustee who would otherwise be required to resign under Article 37(7) in the twelve months following the passing of the resolution, that Article 37(7) shall apply to such Trustee as if the period stipulated was eight or nine years, as specified in the resolution. Any Trustee whose term is so extended shall cease to hold office at the expiry of such extended period, and shall not be required to retire by rotation under Articles 30 and 31. This power of the Trustees may be exercised in relation to only one Trustee at a time.”

By order of the Board
5 June 2017

NOTES: Under Article 37 (7) a trustee automatically ceases to hold office after he/she has been a Trustee for seven consecutive years. The amendment set out above would give the Trustees the power to extend this period in any particular case, but not to extend it generally. The need for such an amendment arises at a time when the Society is facing unprecedented change. The amendment would enable the Board of Trustees to re-elect Dr Margaret Mountford, who would otherwise retire, for a further term of office as Chair, thus ensuring much needed continuity of chairmanship at a particularly exciting time in the Society’s evolution. There will be further opportunity at the EGM for general discussion on plans for the Society’s future.
A member entitled to attend and vote at the EGM is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his/her behalf. To be valid, the proxy form must be completed and returned to the EES office by not later than 48 hours before the meeting.

If you are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting you may vote by proxy:
- Decide who you wish to be your proxy.
- Decide whether you wish to direct your proxy to vote as he/she thinks fit, or whether you wish to direct him/her to vote as you instruct.
Then either
- Complete the proxy voting form mailed to you and return it to: The Egypt Exploration Society, 3 Doughty Mews, London WC1N 2PG by 3.00pm on Thursday 20 July 2017.
- Download an electronic version of the below form here and return it to contact@ees.ac.uk by 3.00pm on Thursday 20 July 2017.
- Any proxy voting forms received after the deadline will be invalid and will not be effective in appointing a proxy.

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