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Amelia Edwards Projects 2010: Tell Mutubis

Field Director: Dr Penny Wilson

The size of Tell Mutubis in the north-west Delta, and the mass of fired bricks and other deposits visible on the surface show clearly that this was a large and important settlement, yet very little investigative work has ever been undertaken at the site. Dr Wilson will lead the new project which aims to establish how the settlement developed over time and how environmental factors may have contributed to its significance.

Aim of the project

To study the development of the settlement over time from its foundation, through its main phases of occupation and to its abandonment and partial destruction. The programme will enable a fuller site biography to be written, including functions of parts of the mound and the dates of significant periods of development.

1) To identify and describe standing or buried remains on the mound and its ‘shadow’ and the different zones of occupation and use;
2) To provide a dated stratigraphic profile of the site zones;
3) To examine the palaeotopography of the site in order to locate it within its landscape and ascertain its relationship to Nile channels, distributaries and marshy wetlands.

How much will this cost?


Fieldwork Update

Fieldwork due to take place in Spring 2011 has unfortunately been postponed until Spring 2012. 

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