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Excavation Fund

In 2008 the Society advertised for the first applications from its new Excavation Fund, which had been created by the generous donations of EES members. The Fund was to be used to support future EES fieldwork and award small grants to external projects where possible. Preferences would be given to projects which fell within the Society’s current research strategy particularly those which brought novel approaches to clearly-defined research questions, and which demonstrate advance consideration of possible outputs.


Since 2008 the Excavation Fund has allowed the EES to continue its important work by helping to support the The Delta Survey and The Survey of Memphis and has since expanded to include projects in Minufiyeh Governorate (Nile Delta), The Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project (Luxor) and at the temple site of Tell Basta (modern Zagazig).

In addition to these annually occurring projects the Excavation Fund Awards have also enabled funding for smaller projects including a survey at Sesebi in the Sudan (directed by Kate Spence), conservation and restoration of paintings in the temple of Tutu at Ismant el-Kharab (Olaf Kaper), The Panehsy Church Project at Amarna (Gillian Pyke) and a photographic and epigraphic survey of the tomb of Nakht-Min at the Abusir-Memphite Necropolis (Khaled Daoud).


Help us to continue our important mission in Egypt

Now we need your help to continue our valuable work in Egypt. The EES hopes to raise £30,000 as part of its Excavation Fund Appeal to help secure future fieldwork during the coming year and to help our Field Directors to plan for the future.

To support the Excavation Fund Appeal simply click here.

We understand that not everyone likes to support online and so donations can also be made by cheque (sent to our address) or by bank transfer (for more details click here).  Donations of any size are warmly welcomed and remember, however you choose to give, every penny will go directly to supporting our teams undertake critical work in Egypt.

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